Influence Day 2016


On Friday, September 16, Astrovia had the opportunity to participate in Influence Day Paris, hosted by Veille magazine. There were a number of speakers throughout the day, covering topics such as constructing a communication strategy, representing one’s interests on the internet, and navigating social networks. We covered topics as media Intelligence or how to create value and competitiveness through strategies of influence.

Key themes from the day include the importance of adapting and understanding one’s customer base, the role of an e-reputation, and keeping up to date with evolutions in technology. Influence is something which affects people on a number of different levels, from marketing to general direction and management. It was great to see such a variety of people at Influence day, from different sectors holding a range of posts.

At Astrovia, influence is a key concept in the coordination of knowledge, services and the construction of ecosystems. Influence involves knowing your clients, and continuously adapting and innovating in order to create more effective offers.

Brianna Smith

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